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Christophe Négrini

Christophe Négrini | http://christophenegrini.com/fr/accueil

Problem to be solved
  • Differentiate yourself from other companies
  • Attract customers/prospects
  • Increase visibility and referencing on the internet
  • Promote the company’s brand image and know-how
  • Develop an innovative communication
  • Build an efficient digital strategy
  • Guarantee the continuity of your company in case of disaster

Creating a New Efficient Interactive Virtual Experience ©.

  • Create a digital twin of the professional space in high-end 3D
  • Create an immersive, fluid, intense, interactive and personalised 3D virtual tour
  • Integrate and use the digital twin in the digital / marketing strategy
  • Broadcast on the internet and all digital media (compatible with virtual reality headsets)
  • Integrate the 3D virtual tour on the Google My Business page
  • Publish the 3D virtual tour on Google Street View
  • Use the digital twin in the event of a disaster to guarantee the restoration of the company
Success case. Results

Tourism :

  • Possibility of visiting the entire tourist site in 3D from any location
  • Give a foretaste, thus creating the desire to travel and to go there physically
  • Present the decoration, the atmosphere, the layout in total interactivity with the client
  • Immerse yourself intensely with a virtual reality headset – augmented reality
  • Personalise the digital twin with an audio guide, video marketing
  • Detailing, measuring and choosing the hotel room in real time
  • Increase the number of reservations thanks to the feeling of immersion
  • Visit museums, exhibitions, art galleries even in case of sanitary restrictions or works
  • Personalise with audioguides, video inlays, special effects (green “cinema” background)
  • Gamification of the digital twin with Escape Games, puzzle solving, treasure hunts integrated into the virtual visit


Commerce :

  • Remain visible and open 24/7 and stand out from the competition
  • Improve the online customer experience by merging the storefront and e-commerce to create a virtual shop in the digital twin
  • Ability to purchase products online directly from the digital twin 24/7
  • Generate a guided tour to show your customers your strengths
  • Use the integrated measurement tool to design or redesign your space
  • Use the digital twin (virtual tour, 360° photos, videos, Gif) for your marketing campaigns
  • Publish on Google Street View to reach local customers looking for local businesses
  • Increase the referencing of the business space on the internet and social networks
  • Give your customers an overview of the business from home to help them quickly find what they are looking for with customised tooltips detailing your products
  • Increase sales



  • Provide an interactive solution for the business owner to communicate internationally
  • Share your company’s digital twin linked to all your communication channels and accessible via Smartphone, PC, Tablet, 24/7
  • Obtain global visibility thanks to the increased presence on search engines
  • Enhance the company’s brand image
  • Develop awareness of its know-how thanks to the high-end 3D virtual tour
  • Manage facilities: Examine existing buildings, study their configuration and condition to manage maintenance and develop redevelopment plans
  • Accurately measure the structure and dimensions of the equipment within
  • Reduce the cost of managing the design and maintenance of facilities
  • Improve collaboration between teams that are not always in the same location by sharing the digital twin
  • Use the digital twin’s digital markers to identify equipment, document repairs, maintenance and training
  • Share this information with maintenance personnel
  • Use 3D mapping to train employees: to get a quick overview of the premises, to understand the operation of the facilities, to raise awareness of hard-to-reach areas, restricted areas, potentially dangerous areas
  • Use 2D or 3D schematic drawings to plan evacuation routes and intervention strategies

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