Problem to be solved


Companies have heavily invested in the last 20 years in many vertical applications as CAD, MES, Maintenance management system,… and ERP. They improved efficiency in the global supply chain and inside each line of work.  But that compartmentalize the different lines, creating silos. And today, lot of companies are strongly missing agility and capability to anticipate and adapt properly to market events, with strong impact on their business and even their future.

One of the key root cause is the difficulty to circulate easily the right information to and from the field and between the different lines of work.

Issues that arise are misinformation or loss of information, inefficiency, extra costs, time losses, etc… with strong impact on customer satisfaction and competitiveness, but also on people management and security.

In addition, to bypass these issues a shadow IT is developing manipulating key business data with lot of risks in term of security, sustainability, and efficiency.




VISION is a No Code platform to develop Mobile and Web Applications. It is articulated around 3 Modules:

  • Vision APP: player to run the applications with user and security management. It includes in standard a document management app, an agenda, visualisation on maps and plans, and a very powerful search engine;
  • Vision SaaS: High availability platform based in France;
  • Vision Studio: No Code application designer.

Vision Studio is built around:

  • A Data Modeler for modelling data and their key properties and abilities.
  • A Workflow Designer to design the application processes.
  • A Smart Flow to design the links – API to other applications and connect the application to the existing IS.

VISION allows final users to build themselves business applications perfectly fitted to their operational needs. They can deploy them in a click.

Mobile applications can work with or without internet connection.

As we use web sockets, STUDIO allows real time collaboration for the application design, including a simulator to visualise in real time the application you are designing. Adjustments and modifications can be done on the flow.

A store of applications samples that will be continuously enriched, help not starting from a blank page.


Success case. Results


For an electricity grid operator, we develop a mobile app to increase technician awareness about their own safety and security during their field operations. To be adopted it has to be fully integrated in their daily tasks, work with no internet connection and reconnect automatically, very ergonomic, to be connected to AI engine,… We build it with Vision. And then we were able to integrate new risks linked to the Covid and deployed it in less than half a day.


For a large engine manufacturer, we built a return on experience application for maintenance workshop technician. So quality and methods department collects quickly lot of feedback about type, features, characteristics of damages which can occur on the engines. It includes documented photos. Then these data are processed through “big data” approach. The development in total took less than 5 men-days with lot of change and adjustments in term of functions. And now the department is ok to do by themselves modifications.


For a large Hospital we develop a web and mobile app to link maintenance management system, building automation system and plans management system to provide in mobility the right information to maintenance operators and then collect reports and modifications to update the concerned applications.


In the 2 last cases IT department were involved and very supportive about the approach.


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Jean-Michel Petolat